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Vanille gin, tonic water, picos, olijvenspread, geurstokjes
Vanille gin, tonic water, picos, olijvenspread, geurstokjes
Double You Gin Vintage Vanilla
Gin en Tonic
Wenskaarten voor de feestdagen
Wenskaarten van Ravi
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Vintage Vanilla


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Looking for a gift for a gin lover? Come out original with this gift box featuring a vanilla gin!

TheVintage Vanilla gift box contains the following items.

  • A bottle of Vintage Vanilla gin from Wilderen Brewery | On the occasion of Double You Gin's 4-year anniversary and receiving the Crystal Award, we saw the ideal opportunity to surprise you with a "very" Special Edition! Unlike most extreme flavors used in the past in the development of gin, we opted for simplicity and recognizability. Double You Vintage Vanilla. In addition to the 21 spices in the standard Double You Gin, they have added natural vanilla to the distillation process. This results in a gin with delicious floral aromas, a pleasant and especially recognizable soft taste of vanilla with a nice fresh finish due to the fresh mint finish of your gin & tonic.
  • A bottle of tonic water | Mediterranea
  • A bag of picos dipper
  • A jar of olive spread from the Belgian brand La Délicieuse
  • A set of lux fragrance sticks & Jasmine

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