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Wild van Wilderen Double You and Ocus gin

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

It is always gin o'clock somewhere and we don't think any differently about that at Ravi! Treat the real ginlovers with several gin filled gift boxes featuring, among others, the Double You Gin and Ocus Gin from Wilderen Brewery. Create the perfect apero moment with these delicious gins full of flavor surprises. Besides a fuzzy feel and an absolute stress release effect, what else do they all have in their bottle? We're in the mood for gin, so let's take a closer look at these two while we're not seeing double!

Eternal battle with Double You Gin

Release your inner Angel and Devil with Double You Gin. This delicious gin was made with no less than 21 botanicals, according to a top secret recipe. Thus, the exact proportions are not revealed, just like some of the ingredients, which adds to the mystery feel and therefore attraction. Some of the well-known botanicals are juniper berries, hops, rose, blossom and coriander, ... The result? A spicy, complex taste with a strong floral flavor and baking character.

The flavor of this gin is wonderfully complex, like the duel of a deliberate Angel and a seductive Devil on your shoulder. Who do you follow? Can you resist the temptation? Of course not! And you shouldn't, because Double You Gin brings the two together in this brilliant blend with solid character. Enjoy the sublimely composed mix of spices that is as black as the Devil and as pure as the Angel. Sergio Herman is also a fan and serves this gin in his restaurant The Jane.

And it doesn't stop with Sergio, because Double You Gin knows how to charm people worldwide. And this powerful gin with its brilliant blend of flavors, managed to win the Crystal Award. It also received 3 stars during the Superior Taste Award. With these awards, Double You Gin won some of the highest distinctions in the gin world. Let's drink to that, then, cheers!


Ocus Organic Gin, there's music in it! Literally, because none other than Lost Frequencies created this gin in collaboration with brewery Wilderen. This organic, vegan gin is bottled in Belgium, on an all-natural basis. There are no additives and 0% sugar: a gin with which you can drink guilt free? We like! 

Enjoy the beautiful melody on your tongue thanks to the striking softness and a fantastic spicy and floral freshness. This is the successful result of the complex but still balanced mix of carefully composite herbs including coriander, ginger, citrus peel, cloves, lavender blossom and cinnamon. According to Felix de Laet of Lost Frequencies, you set off on a true taste journey as soon as you put this gin to your lips. We are already packing our bags, are you coming?

Fan Catch

For Lost Frequencies fans, Ocus Gin has a special treat in store in the form of the 'Ocus Gin' festival band around the bottle, of which you can collect 11. Die-hard fans can also discover a secret message on the wrapper of the bottle. Both nice extras that make the whole gin experience even more fun and personal. 

What time is it? Gin O'Clock!

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