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Why employee appreciation is important.

Posted by Joni Van Loo on

Remember, the words the teacher wrote down on your tasks when you had done something really good & what a nice feeling that used to give you? Well, it's not like we grownups don't need that anymore, it’s quite the opposite actually. Employees who get regular appreciation and recognition are your best ambassadors.

They are more motivated, feel more involved and are noticeably happy in their workplace. How do you get your employees to be happy? No matter how big or small your company or organization is, whether you greet your team daily or manage them from a distance; it does not have to cost you a lot of money to express or show your appreciation for your team, both up close and from a distance. A few tips:

A heartfelt compliment

... works wonders. Everyone is unique and has qualities that add value to your organization. Spread a compliment during a (virtual) meeting, that way your colleague not only gets appreciation from his/her supervisor but also from his/her colleagues, which gives him/her self-confidence - and who doesn't want confident employees?

Say thanks

How often do you thank your team? Show appreciation by saying thank you. In the daily rush of life, things are often taken for granted, so take a moment to appreciate what your employees do and thank them for it.

Show interest

.. in what your employees do both on and off the work floor. Did you know that Bart from HR regularly goes sailing? Or that Sofie from the marketing department takes dance classes? Show interest, because a more personal bond builds trust (asking if she can dance a little at the office, is a bridge too far 😉 )

Give a little something extra

A physical reward is the most effective form of appreciation. And that's where we come in! With a Ravi gift box you choose a fun gift, or a more personalised one. One of our baby boxes could be an interesting gift for someone who's just given birth, and a healthy snack box can be the perfect present for the company's athletes. One of our Italian or aperitif boxes are a nice gift to unbox during an (online) meeting.

The advantage of a ‘custom made extra': your team feels like an essential part of the company, their wellbeing improves and they stay/get more motivated!

Cover picture by Brooke Cagle via Unsplash
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