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Step up your gift game with these rules

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Giving and taking? At Ravi, the focus is on giving, and all year round. Think birthdays, weddings, births, retirement, Christmas, New Year, Mother's Day, Father's Day and so on! But did you know there are some unspoken rules around gift giving? Step up your gift game and check it out!

The 10 rules of giving

Making someone happy with a nice gift or original surprise (read a Ravi gift box offcourse;)) also releases endorphins in yourself. Sometimes it is even more fun to give than to receive. But for that to happen, the lucky person has to be really happy with what you give. Still following? No worries, we make it very simple with the 10 rules of giving. So become a pro gift giver and get lot's of love from the lucky ones!

1. It's the thought that counts

Cliché much? Yep - but one that rings true. A gift that has been thought about and given with love often means much more to the recipient than an expensive item with no meaning. You often score much better with a personalized gift than with something expensive and impersonal.

Also be careful not to overspend, as this may even make the recipient feel uncomfortable. So keep it personal! Be sure to take a look at our gift boxes, where you will definitely score one that completely suits the recipient.

2. Cash or gift cards are top

Although money or gift cards are sometimes still seen as not done, they often make good gifts. At a wedding, for example, or when you know which store the person in question likes to shop at. That way you avoid giving something they are not happy with at all. A voucher from a toy store also scores very well for a child's birthday party! That way the birthday person can go and pick something out for themselves and you avoid giving them something they might already have.

3. Give to give

Don't expect something in return anyway when you give someone a gift. Give to give, not to get something in return. For example, surprise a colleague or friend unexpectedly with an original surprise, like a nice gift box for example ;), and enjoy their reaction!

4. Group gifts are a good idea

When you know that someone has something more expensive on his or her wish list, it is smart to buy it as a group gift. That way you're sure to make someone really happy with one very wanted big gift. And that's often better than all the smaller items they didn't really ask for.

5. Wrapping is key

Don't think "wrapping paper is so overrated" because wrapping is key! A nicely wrapped present adds so much more to the whole gift experience. It makes the moment of giving just that little bit more special and festive.

6. Keep the return receipt

In case of a gift emergency: keep the return receipt! When you've chosen a gift yourself, it's nice to mention that you still have the return receipt. Or just give it along, so they can go change something at any time if your gift was not a clean shot in the rose after all...

7. Think out of the box

It doesn't always have to be a physical gift, you can also think out of the (gift) box and gift an experience. For example, a dinner, an exhibition, a subscription or offer yourself as a free babysitter or dog walker. Bet you score gift points with this?

8. Opt for a card

Always accompany your gift with a card, preferably handwritten. This way you keep it personal and you can include a matching message with your gift. Also handy if you are giving a gift certificate or money. Not sure what to write on your card? Check out this handy tips!

9. Work the wishlist

Self picked presents are of course fun and very personal, but if someone gives a wish list, it is still advisable to buy something from this to avoid disappointment. A birth list is also often drawn up with items that the new parents have chosen themselves and therefore really need. Even then, be sure to buy something from the list or give money and stay far away from yet another, ultra cute stuffed toy. Believe us, they really don't need it and it's anything but cute when you show up with it...

10. Asking is free

You really don't know what to buy? Just ask! Although the surprise effect may not be as great, you are sure to buy a successful gift and make the lucky one really happy: mission accomplished!

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