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Start to wish: tips for a top wishlist

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

We love to give at Ravi, but with Christmas coming up, it's high time to put together your own wishlist. So all I want for Christmas is you and ...? Making your own wish list sometimes brings even more stress, because how do you start and what to ask for? Beat the wishlist stress with these handy tips!

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From a trampoline in the yard, or maybe even a pony, to a doll that could talk: as a kid, the gift options seemed endless and the lists too short to pass on all your most-wanted items.

Enter adulthood where it turns out to be a lot harder to just put together a wish list at the top of your head. (Although that pony is still rattling around in our heads;)) Ravi is as always at your service, although this time it's not to help you give, but to get. So get ready to receive!

You wish! With these 5 tips to ask

1. Dare to ask

Do you have an ultimate crush on a pair of shoes, are you instantly in love with that gorgeous handbag, are you itching to read that new book or would you like to try those new headphones? Dare to ask and put it on your wish list!

Create a nice balance between practical and gorgeous, so choose both practical items for around the house, while exercising or at your new job and things that simply make you happy. With more options, people feel like they can choose something themselves that will still surprise you.

2. Time is money

Literally! Compile your wish list in time so your secret or not so secret Santa can do some budget planning. These are expensive months AND times and when you can score the best deals, everyone is happy.

That's why it's important to let them know what you want in time, so they can, for example, bargain for Christmas during Black Friday or other discount moments.

3. Budget balance

If no budget has been agreed upon, it is best to provide wishes of different price ranges. Some generous givers don't mind spending seriously on gifts, while others, understandably, do budget shopping.

So make sure your wish list includes diverse price options so everyone feels comfortable going on a shopping spree for you.

4. Ask for an "experience".

Really don't know what to ask for or don't need something right away? Then ask for an experience. That could be an evening at the cinema, a dinner, a very happy cocktail hour or a trip to a museum, the spa or a concert.

That way you can enjoy some serious quality time and that is sometimes worth more than any gift.

5. Link it up!

Make it easy for your good givers by providing your wish list with the right and best links. They just have to click and go! Also check out where to get the best deals on your heavy crush items.

Not everyone likes to shop online, so in addition to your links, provide items that they can shop for themselves in a physical store.

Need some inspiration? Check out our webshop with lots of fun and original gift boxes that are guaranteed to make you happy! Handy: you can immediately add the link to your favorite gift box to your wish list.

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