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Secret Halloween: Boo your friends

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Secret Santa? Been there, done that and soon it will be back but first things first and that's Halloween! Instead of going through all the doors to score candy, you can trick your friends, family or neighbors and at the same time hit them with yummy Halloween surprise packages with the new trend "You've Been BOO'd!". Spread the Halloween spirit!

You've Been Boo'd

October is Halloween month and to get into the trick or treat spirit you can join the 'You've Been Boo'd' challenge. Move over Secret Santa, first comes Secret Halloween as the way to get everyone in the scary mood by treating them on a candy surprise. How to? Watch, learn and start Boo brainstorming already!

Scary roadmap

What do you need? A scary surprise gift box full of goodies and a spooky Halloween poem. At Ravi we have the perfect candy overkill surprise package in store for you with the Candy Crush box. Or if that is a bit too much you can also go for the Mini Candy Crush which also fits perfectly in the mailbox.

Step 1: choose your surprise victims

Who do you want to surprise with a Halloween surprise package? Spread the Halloween fever and choose family, friends or even your neighbors who you know will definitely continue the challenge.

Step 2: write your killer poem

For the poem, let your spooky creativity run wild, but keep it anonymous so definitely don't put a signature or name under your beautiful poem! Hold a spooky brainstorming session with the rest of your family and write a killer poem in Halloween style. That way you'll enjoy fun quality time together right away too.

Step 3: wrap it up

Time to put together your surprise package with your candy treats, the poem and last but not least a You've Been Boo'd card that you attach to the package (or have one attached if you have one sent). Choose a creepy Halloween package to stay in the right spooky mood and immediately set the tone with the recipients.

Step 4: Time to Boo!

Time to hit the road! Dive into your costume kit and put on your most scary outfit and head out together to deliver your Boo package. Tell horror stories along the way and make it an exciting trip. Put the package in front of the door of your Halloween victims, ring the bell and run away or hide. Now it's up to them to hang the 'You've Been Boo'd card on their door and continue the challenge by treating someone on a Halloween surprise package in turn!

Prefer by mail? No problem, make it a scary mail package or choose one of our candy boxes and continue the challenge that way. Bet they'll be shocked when they get your Halloween package delivered! BOO!

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