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Welcoming new employees originally? Check! Surprise loyal employees throughout the year at appropriate times? Well, check! And without having to break your head over and over again for original gift ideas? Triple check! Ravi got you covered and is your perfect gift partner in crime, all year long. Want to bet that motivation on the work floor will skyrocket? Give and take with Ravi!

Warm welcome

A new beginning is always exciting, especially the very first day at a new job. Both for the employer and the employee, because you can never be 100% sure that the click is there on both sides. To get off to a flying start right away and to create a pleasant atmosphere, you can surprise new employees with a welcome gift. And no, we're not talking about a ballpoint pen or notepad with the company logo. Trust us, no one gets very excited about that. But a nice Ravi gift box with original surprises will!

Which ones they are, you choose entirely for yourself. For example, you can go for one of our already assembled boxes or we can form a gift dream team with you and put together personalized welcome boxes. You can also enter into a lasting partnership with us. When a new employee starts, you give us a call and we send out the boxes. Simple and guaranteed success!

Give and take with Ravi

By giving new employees a warm welcome right from the start, you boost their motivation and they feel an instant appreciation and that pays off. Because that extra push makes them want to give it their all. With a welcome gift you show the family atmosphere on the workfloor, which makes new people feel more at home and at ease. The sooner they see themselves as part of the team, the better they feel on the job and you notice this in their performance. So giving definitely pays off.

To give you an idea of our starter gift boxes, here are some 'first day on the job' Ravi gift tips:

Treat your team all year round

But you should also regularly pamper your current and loyal employees to give their work an extra boost. Nothing is nicer than being treated to delicious Easter eggs at Easter or enjoying a delicious apero or zen moment during the Christmas period or another nice surprise with greetings from the boss. Want to bet that they enjoy coming back to work after a holiday?

If you really want to surprise your employees, you can also pamper them at unexpected moments with a gift box. This immediately makes it feel less like an 'obligatory event' and puts your appreciation for their hard work even more in the spotlight. Think of birthdays, weddings, the birth of a child, a work anniversary, ...

Some top picks from the Ravi range:

Perfect partnership

And as always, you can count on the Ravi team! Together we'll look for the perfect gift boxes or put together the ideal box for your company. Again you can partner with Ravi and you choose the moments and the ways you want to surprise your employees and we'll take care of all the practical work. You can also add a personalized card with a personal message. You choose, we execute and together we'll boost your employees' mood! 

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