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Ravi chooses plastic-free

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

May is just around the corner and with it the annual awareness campaign 'May Plastic Free' about the impact of plastic consumption on the environment. We too are as plastic-free as possible at Ravi and like to do our bit for a more sustainable future. Think lots of green gift boxes with as little plastic as possible.

Sustainable tricks

The 'May Plastic Free' campaign is an annual and well needed reminder to banish disposable plastic from our daily use as much as possible. The goal is for everyone to reduce their use of disposable plastic for one month. At Ravi we like to jump on this sustainable bandwagon. That's how we work daily towards a greener future by avoiding as much plastic as possible, even in the packaging of our gift boxes. How? By using a few clever sustainable tricks that we'd like to explain here!

Recycling is something you can learn and that's what we did at Ravi. The focus is mainly on cardboard boxes, of which we have an overload in our warehouse. That's why we've chosen a device that allows us to perforate the boxes to give them shock-absorbing skills. So move over bubble plastic and hello recycled cardboard shock absorbers that serve perfectly as protective material in the gift boxes!

Go green goodies

So we work as much as possible plastic-free. Only the gift boxes that contain glass bottles require an extra layer of protection, so that no shards are delivered. Those bring just a little less luck as a gift! We do opt for partially recycled bubble wrap to keep it as sustainable as possible. 

You can already spot several go green goodies in our boxes. Like, among others:

  • Shampoo bars as an ecological alternative to plastic shampoo bottles. These are suitable for all hair types and thanks to the coconut oil you can shine with a beautiful cut.
  • All bottles from The Gift Label, including hand soap and shower gel, which are made from recycled plastic and are therefore 100% vegan. 
  • The reusable and colorful XL candy jars packed with yummy candies, which you can just refill with treats afterwards. With their loveable looks, they provide a colorful touch in your home.
  • The reusable and super handy drinking bottles, which you can use instead of disposable bottles at home, in the office or during sports. 
  • The reusable on-the-go coffee mugs, which keep your coffee or tea nice and warm on the go and give you the needed kick!

In the meantime, we continue to work towards a more sustainable and green future and think every day about how we can remain as sustainable as possible with our gift boxes. So keep posted and join us in choosing plastic-free as much as possible!

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