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Nuts from The Nutty Farmer

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Totally nuts about nuts? We feel ya! So in some of the latest Ravi gift boxes, you'll find The Nutty Farmer's super delicious nuts, which treat your taste buds to an incredible journey around the world. Let's put these nuts on the grid for a moment.

Crazy Nuts

Meet Fréderic Bostyn, aka The Nutty Farmer, a West Flanders farmer's son with a passion for fair trade and the brains behind this fair trade cashew story. During his non-stop search for new flavors and challenging combos, The Nutty Farmer was born. Fréderic loves adventures and during a trip around the world he lost his foodie heart to Africa and to the delicious cashews that can be found in Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso. He decided to bring them back to Belgium and to season and roast them in the oven in his own workshop. The result: four surprising and somewhat challenging, crazy flavors to lick your fingers and thumbs. Are you up to it?

Beastly honest flavors

Are you ready for an honest journey around the world and an encounter with some beastly flavors? We'd love to introduce that crazy farm of The Nutty Farmer to you!

Burning Buffalo

From one of his adventures to Texas, The Nutty Farmer brought back spicy herbs with which he put together a homemade spicy mix: the Burning Buffalo roasted cashew nuts. Ideal during a barbeque in the sun, which you don't know how it will end....

Crocodile Curry

Rosemary and curry are a match made in taste heaven according to The Nutty Farmer, with curry being a real brain booster. From this combination, the Crocodile Curry cashew nuts were born. After tasting this mix, maybe you'll dare to go for a swim with crocodiles... Or would you rather have an inflatable one? 

Giraffic Spiced Caramel

Tiramisu constitutes The Nutty Farmer's all time favorite dessert, with his non-stop craving for caramel. From there, the Giraffic Spiced Caramel cashew nuts were born, which The Nutty Farmer himself describes as sweet speculoos cookies with a spicy twist reminiscent of the spots on a giraffe's neck. 

Happy Hippo

The Nutty Farmer is a true "happy hippo" who is always smiling. For this reason he created the Happy Hippo cashew nuts with oriental spices and pomegranate. With this he conjures up an instant smile on everyone's face.

Fair and Fabulous

Fair trade is key in the whole process of The Nutty Farmer, with the emphasis on a sustainable 'Farmer to market' story. For that reason they work closely together with small-scale and local farmer families in Bobo-Dioulasso who, in this way, can build a better future. The results are fabulous nuts and fair trade for everyone.

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