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It's not too early to think about end-of-year gifts...

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And suddenly it was autumn... And cold. And rainy. To us it feels like the past year and a half went by very fast, and time keeps flying. At the Ravi headquarter (ok, in our cosy warehouse as well as our brainstorming corner) we've been thinking about fun end-of-year gifts and products, to surprise both individuals and companies with fun, enjoyable Christmas gifts.

And if there is one piece of advice we would like to give our business clients, it is: start thinking about your end-of-year gifts now. Let us explain why:

Less stress during Q4

The fourth quarter is the busiest quarter of the entire year - especially in November. Don't postpone your gift search, but contact us now; so that both you and us have enough time to communicate, to work on nice projects and to give feedback on both the content and the (graphic) design.


Several clients already have a specific idea in their heads. In the past, we created an 'All around the world' box, a 'Five senses' box but also boxes full of original treats. Together we will come up with a year-end gift that perfectly matches the message you want to convey. Be aware that your end-of-year gift says something about you as an organisation. Whether that is directly to your team, your clients or other business relations.

More time to do it right

Admit it. If every deadline you receive is pinned down far enough in advance - that will ensure you have the opportunity to do your very best, right? And that's what we do 😉 We make a conscious decision to allow plenty of lead time. That way we make sure we work perfectly with both you and our suppliers and get every detail right. 'Cause details matter.

Sounds interesting?

We are eager to get started! Send us an email at with your ideas, budget, quantities and whether you want delivery to individual addresses or one central address. No idea at all? No worries, our creative team is ready to help. We promise.

Cover photo by Annie Spratt via Unsplash.

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