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Must-taste: Generous cookies

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Attention cookie monsters, because there is a hot new cookie in town: meet the Belgian cookie brand Generous and start salivating. Organic, gluten-free and very delicious, in short, all you need to enjoy guilt-free!

Gluten-free enjoyment

Gluten-free cookies that still taste delicious: too good to be true? Not according to Belgian brand Generous, which does away with the tasteless image of gluten-free.

And they do so where the real cookie magic happens, namely in their artisanal cookie factory that is certified gluten-free and where they work with good gluten-free raw materials and all certified organic ingredients. Gluten-free enjoyment? Check!

What's your flavor?

How the cookie crumbles? The base of the Generous cookies consists of buckwheat, a naturally gluten-free grain that gives the cookies the necessary bite and delicious toasted touch. The real challenge lay in the binder and for that they use tapioca and potato flour.

The result? Delicious cookies in no less than 13 flavor varieties à la vanilla, coconut, lemon or with chocolate, hazelnuts or raisins. Choose your favorite flavor and enjoy!

(M)eat the family 

The Generous cookies not only taste great, the retro packaging is also a feast for the eyes. Behind every cookie flavor hides a specific character. In this way, Generous really wants to tell a story with their cookies.

So there are 13 fabulous flavors to choose from, with a matching character for each flavor. Among others, we see Céline Citron, who at first glance looks rather sour because she is so concentrated on baking the perfect cookies. But at night, when she tastes her cookies, her eyes start to shine and she lights up the whole room!

Or Nicole Noisette with the beautiful almond eyes and strong fingers with which she can crack walnuts like no other. This scares men away, until they taste her delicious cookies and literally melt. Victor Vanille can also charm many. This old sea dog with a lot of heroic stories, fell head over heels in love with the handsome Mahavanille from Madagascar, who sold sand cookies on the beach. Now they live together on cookies and pure love. Could it get any sweeter? 

These are just three of the Generous cookies family. Want to (m)eat them all? What are you waiting for!

Looks, tastes and feels good 

The cookies are not only very tasty, they also have a great feel to them. The cookies are packed in a sheltered workshop, where people with disabilities are given the opportunity to do a useful job. In addition, Generous is also actively pursuing economically and ecologically sustainable production with solar panels, less food waste and more of the same. So Generous looks good, tastes good and feels good!

If you cannot tolerate gluten, if you like easily digestible products or if you are just a full-on cookielover, then you should definitely be tempted by these delicious cookies that you can also find in many of our gift boxes. One cookie more or less does not matter, so go on, we won't tell and indulge in some serious cookie lovin!

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