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How to: original wedding wishes

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Wedding season is on! Are you one of the lucky ones on the guest list as a bff, sibling or even parents of the bride or groom? Congratulations! Sit back, relax and ... start thinking about original wedding wishes. Don't know what to write? Take pen and paper and take notes of some original wedding wishes!

Say it with Ravi

A bride and groom to be gets sent a lot of wedding wishes. Stand out from the crowd with yours! Although it's not always easy to think of what to write on the congratulatory card to be original. To avoid clichés and leave a lasting impression on the happy couple, we at Ravi are happy to help you on your way with some tips for surprising wedding wishes. And by adding a Ravi gitfbox, they certainly won't forget your congratulations.

Golden tips for hot wedding wishes

Before you start writing the perfect congratulatory card, read these golden tips for hot wedding wishes. Bet you'll score with your wow wedding wishes!

1. Personal touch

The golden guideline for writing wedding wishes: keep it personal! So keep the bride and groom in mind when writing your wishes, so you can convey a nice personal message. Are they overly romantic, humorous or rather classic? Keep that in mind when writing your text and they will appreciate it anyway!

2. How close are you?

What is your connection to the bride and groom? Are you the bridesmaid, best man, brother, sister, parent or colleague? Depending on that, you can keep it mostly funny and light-hearted or go a little deeper and share anecdotes and memories. Especially the latter makes your message even more personal and special.

3. Put yourself in the position of the bride and groom

What would you yourself like to receive in the way of wedding wishes? By putting yourself in the position of the bride and groom, it is much easier to come up with the right words and it also comes across as more sincere. So stay close to yourself while writing your wishes. Otherwise it may seem a bit too forced.

4. Stay away from clichés

Believe us, the cliché wishes are definitely going to get them and maybe even more than they want.... So make sure you stay far away from mainstream wishes and stand out with your personal message!

5. Gift box magic

Provide an extra magical and surprising touch by accompanying your congratulations card with a Ravi gift box. Make sure you add your personal touch by matching the couple to the right gift box. Here you can find some nice celebrate boxes.

Get inspired

We'd love to give you some more examples of original wedding wishes, so take notes!
  • As a brother or sister: 'What a great time we used to have, playing together, camping, sometimes arguing.... Now I have to share you, but he or she is definitely worth it!'
  • As a mom or dad: 'You'll always be my little girl/boy, but now it's time to let go and we'll have a great son/daughter!'
  • As a bff: 'Together in class, skipping class together, partying together, laughing together and dealing with heartbreak together, thankfully you have now found the man/woman of your life and I wish you all the happiness in the world!'
  • As a colleague: 'Stay your happy self, then your partner will lack nothing!'
  • A lyric: 'Rings exchanged, the kiss given, party built, ready for life!'
  • Philosophical: 'Love is being on the road to finding yourself in each other.'
  • English: 'Where there is love, there is life!'

Extra tip: add some glitter or confetti to the envelope of your card for an extra festive touch!

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