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How to: the better get well wishes

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

"Get well soon!" is the go-to phrase to put on a card for someone who is sick or injured. But it's also the most boring and least innovative message... Do you really want to give someone a heart-to-heart and cheer them up with sweet wishes? Then choose an original plot twist from the mainstream get well wishes and really give someone a boost. And by giving them a matching Ravi gift box, the spirit goes all the way up!

Tips for top wishes

It's not always easy to think of what to write on a get well card, because you really want to cheer someone up and be original. No worries, we are happy to help you on your way with some handy tips and tricks to write the most killing, euh, winning get well card. Get your pen and paper ready!

1. Link the message to the illness

Think carefully about the situation of the person you are sending a card to. Is it a temporary illness like the flu or Miss Rona, does someone have a broken leg or is he or she suffering from a terminal illness? In the latter case: stay away from the mainstream "get well soon". Of course, that works in the case of a cold or a broken foot, but even then it's not very original.... What then?

- We are thinking of you during this difficult time!
- We send you lots of love and all the support you need!
- You are an inspiration, keep fighting!
- Sickness comes and goes, but our friendship remains forever, I miss you!

2. No drama llama

Of course it's not nice that someone is sick or in pain, but going around naming that as well doesn't really help. Try to stay positive and take their mind off it with possibly even an appropriate joke or look into the future.

- We miss your smile and positivism! Our fingers are crossed for a speedy recovery!
- Apparently humor is the best medicine, luckily I am hilarious!
- Being sick, is not fun! So hurry up and get well soon because I'm bored!
- We admire your courage and can't wait to see you again!

3. Helping Hand

Although we are quick and sincere to write "let me know if there is anything I can do", chances are slim that the person in question will actually take advantage of it. Be specific with your help or give specific options:

- I'm sorry about your broken leg, I'd love to come mow your lawn this week!
- Call me if I can help with something like grocery shopping, folding laundry, walking the dog, picking up the kids from school....
- How about we binge a series together to pass the time?

4. Card with personal touch

Don't just pick the first card that comes along, but keep in mind who you are buying it for and what that person's interests or favorite colors are. There are so many choices in the card landscape, so choose wisely!

5. Matching gift box

What better boost than to receive, next to a loving and well thought out card, a nice gift box full of surprising goodies when you're not feeling well. And at Ravi, you're right at the source for scoring the perfect gift box! Check all our get well boxes here and choose the perfect box that will put a smile on someone's face.

Courage with writing the better get well wishes!

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