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Make your home - office proof!

Posted by Joni Van Loo on

With many of us (obliged) to work from home, bedrooms and living rooms have become popular workspaces. It seems ideal: working in your pyjamas/jogging outfit, no traffic jams and doing your laundry in between. But still... colleagues are missed, chats at the coffee machine or during the lunch break are now conducted with our children and pets - and 'ending' the working day is not always easy.

How do you make sure you have the perfect home office setup? We don't have an answer to that, as it's different for each of us. Some people like to work in a neutral, clean environment, while others are productive in a lively, vibrant environment.

What we do have an answer for is how to make working from home more fun 😉 . Right, that's with one of our Office Boxzies.

Office gift box

Small notepads are always handy, especially when they say you can do a little dance; or after you have finished a project within the deadline, for example? :) A calendar can help you to set up a handy work schedule at home too.

office gift box studio stationery planner

Do you not have enough room for all the tasks in your diary, or do you prefer to keep your work and private life separate? Are you currently using your online agenda, but do you also find a paper overview useful? Then a planner without pre-filled dates is a match made in heaven. Both the Get Stuff Done and the Home Office-Peach box contain a planner by Studio Stationery, including stickers and fun quotes.

 Optimistic Office gift box home office

What we, of course, also associate with home, is something nice to drink (besides the litres of coffee and/or tea) and a nibble in-between. Did you know that dark chocolate contains properties that increase focus and concentration, and that milk chocolate is good for verbal and visual memory? And besides, chocolate tastes delicious.

And when you can go back to the office, you will continue to use these items, won't you? Although the chocolates might not survive that long...

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