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Go green gift tips

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

We all dream of a white Christmas, but also of a more sustainable world so go green and release your sustainable Secret Santa by choosing eco-friendly gifts! How to? With these handy go green gift tips!

Green Christmas

We all need to do our part for a more beautiful and especially greener and sustainable world. So why not start during the most wonderfull time of the year and opt for a green Christmas?

Sustainable treasure hunt tips

To get you started on the right, green present path, here are some lovely and especially eco-friendly gift tips:

1. Shampoo bar chiqueness

Do you have a green warrior in your family or circle of friends who is a bit beauty obsessed? Put together a wellness@home package with shampoo bars.

This way you banish the plastic shampoo bottles from the bathroom without compromising on fabness: eco and beauty proof!

2. Bamboo luxury

Bamboo? Please do! Bamboo is a very durable and versatile material and what's more, the gift options are endless.

Think bamboo toothbrushes, cutlery, bowls, combs, baskets, decoration, towels, sheets, ... In addition, it provides an instant luxury feel, what more could you want?

3. Eco-friendly mugs and cups

On-the-go life becomes a lot more pleasant with a nice hot coffee at hand, and it gets even better when you can drink it from a fun and reusable mug.

So treat your favorite coffee addict to a beautiful, reusable coffee mug or drinking can, so they can enjoy their well needed caffeine shot or drink their daily serving of water in style.

4. Hot wooden toys

Score favorite auntie or uncle points by spoiling your nephews and nieces with eco-friendly wooden toys. These days, there is plenty of choice in sustainable toy land.

You can't start the eco awairness early enough and bet they'll be just as happy with them as with plastic, and therefore not so eco chique, items. Wood is hot!

5. Thrift shop treasures

Nothing like going on a treasure hunt in a thrift shop, thrift store or second-hand store. The chase is better than the catch!

A beautiful vase, cool sunglasses, the perfect record, a pretty scarf, handbag or blouse? Score your treasure!

At Ravi, we also keep the environment in mind as much as possible with numerous eco-friendly gift boxes. Discover them here all of them!

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