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Celebrate the little things with Ravi

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

At Ravi, we are always ready in full force to give, even to celebrate the smallest things and victories in everyday life. It doesn't always have to be a birthday, wedding or say Mother's Day to surprise someone with a gift box. And believe us, there are plenty of reasons to give!

Celebrate the little wins

The little wins can also be celebrated with an original surprise in the form of a Ravi gift box. We love to give, for the big but also the small things in life. Which are those? We've listed some examples here, so get ready to celebrate the little wins!

Five reasons why

1. Build a house

Do you know someone who is working on or has successfully completed a renovation project? Renovating is often stressful and exhausting, so by surprising them with a 'well done' gift box or one with fun home deco, you are giving someone an unexpected boost. Bet you score big friendship points that way!

Gift box tip: choose for example the Take time to chill box with a bottle of Hugo cocktail, a bag of Chips de Lucien and a bag of roasted and spiced nuts from The Nutty Farmer to rivet and snack on after all that hard work along with three scented candles and a stone tapas dish for extra homey vibes.

2. Promotion made

Did any of your loved ones kick some serious ass at work and maybe even get promoted as a result? Time to celebrate! With a matching, work inspired gift box.

Gift box tip: with the Dream Big, Work Hard box you say it as it is! Ideal for starting the workday with the right motivation and big dreams ahead with a notepad that has the text 'Brilliant ideas, write them down' written on it, a wireless bluetooth speaker, a box of delicious chocolate thins and a thermos mug for keeping your well needed coffee warm.

3. Sports goals fetched

Do you know a fit freak who just survived a killer marathon, triathlon or death march or won a sports competition? Or someone who has only just taken his or her first steps into the fitworld and achieved some pre-set sports goals? Be their most loyal supporter from the sidelines (we feel you) and congratulate them with a nice power box.

Gift box tip: the Find Your Power box has everything you need to unwind after so much power with a bottle of prosecco to toast the victory, fragrance sticks to set the right chill mood, a massage and bath sponge and a care set with body cream, bath salts and body scrub to relax after the powerful effort.

4. New skills learned

Has anyone in your family, friends or acquaintances successfully completed a course in painting, woodworking, sewing, hairdressing, nail styling...? Or learned to play a new musical instrument? Show your thumbs up for the new skills with a matching gift box!

Gift box tip: The Pause & Reset box can help someone catch their breath after hard (study) work so they can start again with full enthusiasm! Think a large hamam towel to chillax in the sun during a well-deserved break, a mug with the text 'Enjoy the little things', three glass candles, a golden pen with the text 'Happy day' and a jar of lip balm with the quote 'Smile, shine, enjoy'. Do we need to say more?

5. Thanks for the friendship!

Thanking someone important for their loyal friendship that has lasted for years is reason enough to give! Good friends can often be counted on one hand, so pamper them every once in a while with a fun and sweet gift box.

Gift box tip: with the With Love box you are literally gifting a box full of love and it goes plenty through the stomach with a reusable tin of Danish cookies saying 'I love you', speculoos cookies, white chocolate 'Kiss me' chocolates, 2 Côte d'Or bouchées and Raffaello chocolates to complete the sweet party!

Check out our full range of gift boxes here and score your perfect gift to celebrate the little wins!

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