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Feel the funky love with Chalo

Posted by Valerie Vanbiervliet on

Chalo up your day! A slogan like that makes you want to discover the natural, honest and sustainable products of this Belgian LOVE brand. Ravi managed to get hold of this must-taste brand for some funky gift boxes. Chai Latte, Iced Chai, superfoods and super tasty salty or sweet snacks that are also deliciously healthy? Check it out with Chalo!

A hug in a mug

When founder Gita returned to her roots in India to do volunteer work there, she fell head over heels in love with her daily cup of Indian Chai Latte. She had to take this extraordinarily delicious and spicy drink back to Belgium and serve it as a 'hug in a mug'. Thus Chalo was born. This all natural and 100% vegan brand pampers your taste buds with next to the Chai Latte and Iced Chai drinks also other delicious healthy treats.

The original Chai Latte recipe consists of black tea infused with hot milk with a spicy blend of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger. The Chalo Chai Latte comes without milk, so you can choose which milk to pour with it. When customers in India are waiting impatiently for this divine drink, they shout "Chalo!" which means "Let's go!” Thus, the name Chalo was born and the traditional Indian Chai legacy is honored with these funky feel-good food products, which are perfect to enjoy on-the-go. 

A little badass and bold

A little badass and bold? That's Chalo all the way with the bold and spicy flavors in this must-taste line with funky twist. Beside the Chai Latte, where you can choose from five funky flavors, we also see the Iced Chai's, as the alternative to iced tea with 100% natural and unrefined cane sugar. Wonderfully refreshing on a blissfully sunny spring or summer day. Last but not least, we spot the Organic Slow Chai in two flavors.

In addition to the Chai, there are also organic superfoods and essentials that allow you to cook healthy all the way. And, the healthy but delicious salty and sweet snacks, which we at Ravi are also big fans of. Snacking without feeling guilty? Yes please!

Happy makes healthy

Happy makes healthy and healthy makes happy is one of the many catchy Chalo slogans and we at Ravi fully follow that reasoning. Think delicious Salty Peas with flavors à la BBQ Edamame or Chili Green Peas and already get the water in your mouth. Ideal for your healthy but very happy apero moment!

The sweet snacks consist of fantastic Funky Chunks which you can enjoy perfectly on-the-go with flavors such as Pommegrade & Nuts, Cashew Caramel, Pumkin and Raisin and Sesame & Cranberry.

Ravi meets Chalo

Do you have an instant healthy food lover in mind who you would like to gift a meet & eat with Chalo? You can do that perfectly with the Ravi gift boxes that contain the Chalo Chai's and feel good foods. Some Chalo inspired boxes you can choose from are:

  • The Chai Discovery Giftbox with no less than four different flavors of Chalo Iced Chai's. Lovely spring slash summer feel in one box!
  • The Mojito Time box with two different flavors of Chalo Salty Peas sachets.
  • The Green Goddess in which you can discover the Chalo Funky Chunks.
  • The Grilling and Chilling box with a bag of BBQ flavored Chalo Salty Peas.

Get your groove on with these and more Ravi gift boxes with tasty Chalo Chai's and must-taste treats!

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