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"A tasty dish"?

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Sergio Herman, who does not know him? The Dutch chef and entrepreneur started his career in the family restaurant Oud Sluis, and is now owner of four restaurants: The Jane in Antwerp and Pure C, AIRrepublic and Blueness in Cadzand, Zeeland. In addition, he is culinarily responsible for the haute friture branches of Frites Atelier.

Sergio is known for his unfailing sense of beauty and detail and his love of Zeeland's products. Yet, classic cuisine has always been the basis for his creations. And let that be the basis for this third home cookbook.

In the book, you will learn all about 20 of his favourite condiments. Think of basil, lime, anchovies or olive oil. He teaches you how you can easily use the condiments at home to give your dishes more zest or nuance, but he also tells you a whole story about them. In addition to the recipes, you will find useful information about a particular product or recipe.

We make a promise: most of the condiments are readily available in regular supermarkets. And you can make the most delicious dishes with them. In short, this is a book that belongs on the bookcase of every amateur chef!

sergio's condiment boxzie gift box

We have included this cookbook brimming with 'delicious dishes' in our gift boxes. Together with a black serving dish and matching bamboo cutlery. Did you know that bamboo is free of harmful substances and is unbreakable? And did we mention stylish?

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