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GET TO KNOW: Les Chips De Lucien

Posted by Joni Van Loo on

Les chips de Lucien, that is a story that starts with Lucien Van den Abeele (°1926). Passionate about agriculture, he buys the Bure farm in Wallonia at the age of 32, together with his wife. Two generations later, his grandchildren Thomas, Stay and Antoine decide to follow his example. Passionate about agriculture, and especially potatoes and appetizers, the three farmers from Namur decide to start making artisanal chips - named, of course, after their wonderful grandfather.

100% Local
The road of a bag of Lucien chips is extremely short. Potatoes are grown in the fields around the farms of the three grandchildren, and stored in their farms.

A few miles further on (in Mettet), these potatoes are processed into 'les chips'. Because of the limited number of kilometres delivered, less CO2 is emitted and a contribution is made to the preservation of the environment. A sustainable, 100% Belgian product.

Gluten and lactose-free

Thanks to the traditional method of slow cooking, a delicious crunch is guaranteed. Moreover, the crisps are free of artificial flavourings or colourings and gluten and lactose-free.

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